Oct 12 2015

Why Beard Oil Is Great

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Let’s be honest, a lot of us guys who are proudly wearing a beard don’t give beard care and maintenance¬† too much thought. In fact, a lot of us might probably have grown their beards also because it saves us some time in the bathroom because we don’t have to shave any longer.

On the other hand, growing an impressive beard and then sort of forgetting about it can become a nightmare.

At some point, the beard will start to look unsightly and it will become increasingly more difficult to keep it in shape and to have it look awesome at all times.

Worse, if it happens what a lot of us did that we grew a beard because our girlfriend or wife said that they like a nice beard… and now they say they don’t like it anymore because it scratches them ot doesn’t look as great as it did previously.

Now, this is where beard oil comes in.

Beard oil is currently being rediscovered by a lot of guys. I say “rediscovered” because beard oil and why and how to use it literally really been forgotten in the last decades. Now, with the new popularity of beards, beard oil is all the hype again – for good reason!

Simply spoken, beard oil makes your beard smooth and soft. When your beard is smooth and soft it will not only look well kept, it is also a lot easier to keep it in check. It will never grow frazzled and will always keep a great shape.

The best about beard oil in particular for us guys is that its use is really very easy. Basically, oil you need to do is apply a little beard oil to the beard in the morning. Get yourself a nice wooden beard comb as well and that is all you will need for a well maintained and always classy looking beard! In other words, brushing your teeth requires a lot more effort than using beard oil.

The other benefit of beard oil is that it can make your beard smell great. They can contain natural essences made from cinnamon or peppermint to make your beer and your entire face smell awesomely fresh.

If you haven’t tried beard oil yet I can highly recommend that you give it a shot! Also, here is another tip: check back with your significant others whether they like the scent of the beard oil too!

Dec 12 2014

Looking For Security Staff For Your Sports Event?

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Getting reliable security personnel such as door supervisors or guards for major sports events is not always easy. Most of the time when you’re looking for security staff they may not have the right experience for such events. We had some people which had a history as bouncers for bars and similar venues but those guys are not exactly optimal for major sports events, some of them were simply not accustomed to work with many people.

I had the job to hire some guys for our local soccer stadium here in Torquay.

Fortunately I had been quite lucky having come across the security guys from Titan Security. So, before I made the decision we had a nice chat where we talked about the security industry in general and of course this this was a good opportunity to ask those guys a lot of questions so I could get an idea about the experience, philosophy and so forth. I was very impressed with them so didn’t take me too long to make a decision to hire them. Turns out it was a very good decision.

So if you’re looking for experienced security personnel that you can trust, whether you need security staff for your business, sports club or any other type of security Torquay personnel I can highly recommend them to you!

Dec 12 2014

Do You Want To Be A Part-Time Sports Reporter?

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sports-writer-positionFor all those who love writing about football, cricket, rugby tennis and other sports there is a cool part-time position available at journalism.co.uk

They are looking for an online sports reporter from the UK that can and likes to cover a variety of sports.

The position is an online position which mean that you can do this easily if UK sports is your passion and you have a reliable internet connection.

Some of the other requirements are that you need are an

“ability to write quickly and accurately in accordance with the house style and the ability to source and select news suitable for coverage on the site. Access to sports channels, in particular Sky Sports News HQ, is essential.”

The working hours for that position are three to four hours and are allocated on a monthly basis. They are especially looking for people who can work the busy 2pm to 6pm shift on Saturday afternoons.

For more information you should check the site where I found this over at the journalism.co.uk website here: https://www.journalism.co.uk/media-jobs/part-time-sports-reporters/s75/a563190/